Wednesday, November 7, 2012

JSCamp Workshop: Shannon JJ Behrens: “Dart Web Components”

imageThis workshop is an introduction to the web scripting language Dart with an emphasis on how we’re using Web Components to build modern, high-performance, responsive web applications.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with a language such as JavaScript or Java and a basic understanding of how web apps work. Please try to install Dart Editor (http://www.dartlang.org/downloads.html) before the event to save time and bandwidth at the event.

JJ is a developer advocate at Google. His goal is to help people write high-fidelity, high-performance, rich, client-side applications in Dart. He’s a well-known member of the Python community. He blogs on topics such as Python, Ruby, Linux, open source software, the Web, and lesser-known programming languages.

Update: Here the link to the Dart Codelab from JJ’s workshop: 

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